COBO USA is COBO Group North America engineering and manufacturing facility, capable to bring to your business an added value with both consolidated and innovative solutions.
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With an order to COBO USA, you not only order parts from a well-established industry leader, but you also order exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.
To allow COBO USA to deliver the level of service that we are committed to, please make sure to fully read and understand the below Terms and Conditions.
We greatly value your trust and confidence and sincerely appreciate your loyalty to our Company.

1. Quotation.
All quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise arranged or stated in writing by a COBO USA representative.
1.2. If tooling, or NRE fees are required for the development of your RFQ our team will list these costs in the formal quotation. They must be purchased with the first P.O.
2. Lead time.
This quotation may contain a lead time based on standard market conditions. While COBO USA uses all the possible efforts to source the needed components and parts, we recommend discussing possible hard deadlines before and while sending the P.O. to allow COBO USA to confirm to you the project feasibility. Non-standard lead times usually apply to prototypes and first-time orders.
2.2. Force majeure: COBO USA will not be liable for late deliveries in the instance that an event cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled (severe weather, war, government mandated restrictions, etc…). To minimize the effect of unprecedented conditions COBO USA encourages the customers to issue open POs with planned deliveries and, for high volume projects, discuss a mutual stock agreement.

3. Packaging.
All parts manufactured in Burlington, IA are specifically packaged per product. This is included in the RFQ. If customer requires the use of customer provided containers, totes, custom packaging specification this must be requested before to accept or RFQ.
Subsequent request may affect the product cost and RFQ validity.

4. Shipment.
All shipments for goods are EX-Works from Burlington and West Burlington, IA.
Customer selected carrier information and accounts numbers must be provided with initial P.O.

5. Warranties.
COBO USA warrants that the Products will comply with the agreed technical
specifications and be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the delivery date, with a maximum of fifteen (15) months from the date of manufacturing of the relevant production lot.
5.2. Subject to Customer’s obligation to inspect the Products upon delivery. COBO USA sales conditions are Ex-Works Burlington and West Burlington, IA. COBO USA in not liable of damages occurred during shipping. See 5.6 for more information.
5.3. Customer undertakes to notify COBO USA in writing, via e-mail sent to not later than eight (8) days after its discovery, any defect or non-compliance occurred within the warranty period. Failure to do so will terminate Customer’s warranty rights.
5.4. With respect to defects or non-compliances occurred during the warranty period and promptly notified to COBO USA, COBO USA shall repair or replace the defective Products or re-perform the non-compliant Services, within the shortest reasonable delay needed by COBO USA. Should COBO USA reasonably determine that said remedies are not feasible for technical or commercial reasons, COBO USA will refund Customer the price or prorated portion of the price paid by Customer for the defective or noncompliant Products or Services.
5.5. Customer shall return to COBO USA the Products to be repaired or replaced under warranty in accordance with COBO USA’s instructions and with COBO USA’s return material procedures. COBO USA may instruct Customer to scrap defective Products instead of returning them to COBO USA; said instruction shall be notified through an RMA (Return Material Authorization). COBO USA does NOT accept any return unless the customer has been notified with the specific disposition with a RMA#. Specific instructions provided on the RMA itself.
5.6. No Product warranty remedies shall apply in the following cases:
Damages caused by carrier during transportation;
Damages caused by Customer during installation;
Improper use of Products;
Non-compliance with COBO USA’s instructions for functioning, maintenance and care and storage of Products;
Defects arising because of the combination of COBO USA’s Products with other products, devices or machinery not expressly authorized by COBO USA or included in the technical specifications of the Products;
Repairs or modifications made by Customer or by third parties, unless expressly authorized by COBO USA in writing;
Defects or malfunctions caused by adherence to technical specifications provided by Customer or to other requests by Customer; 

5.7.  In any case, COBO USA shall not be responsible for application and installation of the products on customers vehicles.  For said case, Customer shall hold harmless and indemnify COBO USA from and against any damages, losses and liabilities. 

5.8. Notwithstanding the foregoing, mandatory provisions of law concerning product liability shall apply to the limited extent provided by said mandatory laws

5.9.  This Section governs the warranties provided by COBO USA and the corresponding rights of Customer, COBO USA disclaims and expressly excludes any and all other remedies, whether in contract or in tort including damages, as well as any other express or implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, uninterrupted use and – except as expressly provided in the technical specifications – the warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for particular uses or certifications and warranties that may be arising from laws and regulations other than those expressly mentioned in these terms as applicable

6. Payments
All new customers for COBO USA will be payment in advance for the first order. Once credit references and accounting set up is completed, we may extend to NET 30 days terms for all future orders.
6.2. COBO USA strongly encourage to set up ACH payments with our Accounting team.
6.3. Consolidated customers payment for goods must be made within the agreed upon terms stated in the formal quotation to keep the account in good standings and prevent any shipment holds.
6.4. All banking fees associated with processing are the customer responsibility; this includes exchange rate conversions fees for International Customers.
6.5. COBO USA does NOT accept any form or debit or short payment for quality claims. The Quality RMA procedure must be followed.

7. Cancellations & Returns

No cancellations for open orders can be made without written confirmation from a COBO USA representative.

Upon submitting a formal PO to COBO USA you automatically  agree to the terms listed above